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A brief life history of Thangkhopao Kipgen

<![CDATA[Former Chief Secretary of Goa, Shri Thangkhopao Kipgen ( T. Kipgen) died on March 3, 2005. The former Chief Secretary of Goa, Shri Thangkhopao Kipgen, died on March 3, 2005 on his 85th birthday in the heart of Imphal city in the state of Manipur, Northeast India.


Bio-data of Shri Thangkhopao Kipgen

His photo is yet to be pasted when available

Shri T. Kipgen was born on 3rd March 1920 in Imphal. He was the son of Circle Officer Shri Lalkhosheh Kipgen. Shri T. Kipgen was educated in Johnston High School Imphal where he did his matriculation with first class and two distinctions. He studied in Cotton College Guwahati from where he graduated with Economic (Honours) in 1942. He played for Guwahati in both IFA and football tournaments in Calcutta and represented Guwahati in Hockey too.

Thereafter, Shri Kipgen worked for the Manipur Government and was Member of the First Constituent Assembly of Manipur in 1948. He was instrumental in Manipur acceding to the Indian union in 1949.

In the Manipur Government, Shri Kipgen became Secretary, Development Commissioner, etc. until he was absorbed into the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), a highly regarded status, in the Union Territory Cadre with the seniority of 1953. He was the first IAS from the state of Manipur. He was also the Chief Secretary in Goa from 1968 to 1978 from where he retired. After retirement he was also member of the Manipur Pay commission.

Shri Kipgen was the protégé of many former gentlemen like Sir Edward Pendrell Moon, ICS (1929 batch) who was the Chief Commissioner of Manipur. He also served under Political Agent Sir Francis Fenwick Pearson who later on became Principal Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglass Home. During the World War II, Shri T. Kipgen was Chief Intelligence Officer to the 33rd Corp responsible for driving back Japanese invasion from Manipur to Burma.

Shri Kipgen also served as co-opted Member of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for selection of IAS candidates. He was the founding president of the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), the apex body of the Manipur Kukis.

He left behind a number of children including Shri S. Kipgen, who is presently India’s Ambassador to the Ukraine.



2 thoughts on “A brief life history of Thangkhopao Kipgen

  1. Well written.. Adieu to one of the great man we had. Missed him dearly.

    Posted by Oliver S. kipgen | November 20, 2013, 6:30 pm

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